Principal Investigator

Adam Waytz

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Monica Gamez-Djokic [Email]
Research interests: morality, behavioral ethics, motivation, judgment and decision making

Graduate Students

Hannah Birnbaum [Email]
Research interests: inequality, diversity, intergroup interactions

Kyle Dobson [Email]
Research interests: morality/ethics, social connection, dehumanization, intergroup behavior

Shane Schweitzer [Email]
Research interests: dehumanization, anthropomorphism, morality


Brian Lucas
Assistant Professor, Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Rachel Ruttan
Assistant Professor, Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis

Primary Affiliates

Kurt Gray
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina

Hal Hershfield
Assistant Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Diana Tamir
Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Liane Young
Associate Professor, Boston College

Jamil Zaki
Assistant Professor, Stanford University