Book Chapters


The Lesser Minds Problem (with Juliana Schroeder and Nicholas Epley)  

Humanness and Dehumanization

October 2013


Mind Attribution Is for Morality (with Liane Young)

Understanding Other Minds (Third Edition)

August 2013 


Motivated Mind Perception: Treating Pets as People and People as Animals (with Nicholas Epley and Juliana Schroeder)

60th Nebraska Symposium on Motivation



Imagining Other Minds: Anthropomorphism Is Hair Triggered But Not Hare Brained (with Nadav Klein and Nicholas Epley)

The Oxford Handbook of the Development of Imagination

April 2013


Social Connection and Seeing Human

The Oxford Handbook of Social Exclusion

February 2013


Making Meaning by Seeing Human

The Psychology of Meaning

January 2013


Mind Perception (with Nicholas Epley)

The Handbook of Social Psychology (Fifth Edition, Volume One)

February 2010